Meadow Elementary was built in 1980 and began conducting school in fall of 1981. It was originally built for 500 students and has grown and lost students, having as few as 525 to as many as 1250. It is easy to see how Meadow’s name came about, because we are literally surrounded with farm animals and we do not feel we are in the city at all.

During the past 32 years Meadow has had additions built on in 4 different phases according to our growing population. Meadow is a diverse population with students who are fourth generation Lehites to some as new to the area and a month. Meadow has been involved with Spanish Immersion in the past and now uses a modified extended model. Meadow PTA and SCC have always had individuals who understand the mission of the school and do everything they can to insure student success.

Awards & Accomplishments:

  • Test scores have been the highest they have been in 22 years
  • Step-Up Intervention Program to insure learning for ALL students
  • A 176 voice school choir that meets before and after school
  • 24 teachers with a math endorsement
  • 15 teachers with Masters degree
  • BYU Partnership School
  • School sight visited by Granite, Jordan, and Davis School Districts

Meadow Elementary Mission Statement:

Facilitating High Levels of Social and Academic Growth in ALL Students.